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La Siren

La Siren

La Sirène is a beautiful, classical mermaid with long flowing hair. Her name literally means “the mermaid.” She holds a mirror, which serves as a threshold or portal between realms. La Sirène is Mistress of Mysticism and a repository of sacred information. She appears in dreams, carrying people down to her kingdom beneath the sea, where she offers magical instruction.

La Sirène is la Reine Chanterelle, “Queen of the Choir.” She epitomizes the mermaid as alluring singer. La Sirène owns a golden trumpet with which she summons the lwa and other spirits. If you find her trumpet, you’re allegedly guaranteed a lifetime of wealth. La Sirène is associated with the largesse of the sea. Her image allegedly attracts wealth and treasure and is thus frequently found in lottery parlours. La Sirène helps your ships come in. Her image in your home may possess the same effect.

In addition to wealth, La Sirène brings love, romance, and success, but she does possess the capacity for violence and is not a spirit to be trifled with.
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