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Lord Agwe

Lord Agwe

Agwé – King of the Sea; Shell of the Sea; Tadpole of the Sea

Agwé, King of the Sea, commands a beautiful ship named Immamou and is married to the alluring mermaid, La Siréne. Agwé is a military spirit, a stickler for protocol and procedure. Salute him. Don’t be too informal with him. Call him Lord Agwé or Admiral Agwé or, at the minimum, Sir.

• Lord Agwé protects seafarers.

• He bestows wealth, abundance, and prosperity.

• Anything lost at sea or resting on the ocean floor is his to give (or not).

• He is a martial spirit, an admiral who leads the lwa and devotees to victory at sea.

• Agwé receives ultimate credit for chasing off European colonials following the Haitian Revolution: they fled by sea, where Admiral Agwé drove them.

• Lord Agwé serves as a psychopomp, leading dead souls to Ginen, the Vodou realm of the dead, which is beneath the sea.
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