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Papa Legba

Papa Legba

He is the god of doors and entryways, of gates and paths, of Crossroads, and sorcery. Without his permission, the other gods may not come to earth. He has been identified with St. Peter in the Catholic catalogue of saints, since Jesus Christ gave Peter the keys to the kingdom of Heaven, and like Peter, he serves as the foundation for the cult, or church. He is also associated with a holy guardian angel, St. Michael, St. Martin de Porres or St. Anthony.

In Vodun, Legba is called Papa, or the Father. He is the solar prototype and magical archetype. Vodun worships the sun as a life-giving force, and Legba is the Sun, the Orient, the East, the place where life is created and Magic is controlled. As such, Legba is called Legba-Ji, or “god of the creation.” His cardinal point in the magical cross is the east. He is greeted first when welcoming the gods or mystères, so that he can open the door and let the others enter. Legba-Ati-Bon also represents the “good wood,” or sacred trees of the African jungle, symbolized by the wooden center post, or poteau-mitan, in the Vodun peristyle. The poteau-mitan also acts as a conductor of the spirits into the Vodun ceremonies. Legba forms one-third of the sacred trinity along with Danbhalah-Wedo and Erzulie.
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